Business Performance Coaching for Sustainable Growth.

Are you running your business, or is your business running you?

Did you go into business with the dream of doing something you loved, making the world better, and giving you and your family freedom and flexibility? Do you now find yourself caught in the daily grind, consumed by the demands of customers, clients, employees, and suppliers? 

Rest and Rhythm are the Small Business Owner Advocates. We understand small business owners and know how easy it is to get bogged down in running a business. We’re here to help you transition from being the centre of operations to becoming head of marketing and innovation.

Moving from working primarily in your business to consistently making time to work in your business is daunting. Rest and Rhythm Business Owner Advocates work with you to help you transition from self-employment and operational overload to being a Business Owner

Everything we do at Rest and Rhythm is to help you grow your business and succeed commercially.

We offer business performance coaching to help you create value and build leverage so that you can thrive, prosper, and flourish.


Create Value

Lay the foundations for your business success


Build Leverage

Learn how to make your business work for you


Succeed Commercially

Create sustainable growth in your business for your best life

Discover Your Sweet Spot as a Business Owner

Convert your time and effort into sustained commercial momentum.

We’ve developed proprietary instruments to help you monitor and manage what you measure.

Rest and Rhythm helps you make your business work, so you have time for what you love.

How We Can Help You


Discovery Phase

Set your foundations for sustained growth


Coaching Packages

Tailored coaching to help you live the life you want


Business Monitoring

To help you achieve sustainable growth for your business

Why Rest & Rhythm?

Andee Sellman is a trusted business advisor and qualified accountant specialising in the personal and business development of start-ups and growth businesses.

After experiencing the highs, lows, stresses and strains of the corporate world, Andee went on the search for a better way of doing business and life. He transformed his personal and business life by developing and living from his unique rest and rhythm.

Andee’s passion is to help business owners regain control and create the life they want for themselves and their families.


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