About Rest & Rhythm

Empowering business owners to convert time and effort into commercial success.

Our Why

At Rest and Rhythm, we are about empowering business owners to move from the grind of time-poor self-employment to the freedom,
flexibility, and fulfilment of business ownership.

Our What

After years of working with small business owners, we saw a recurring theme. People with a dream of contributing to their community while building a life for themselves and their families are failing to convert their time and effort into sustained commercial success.

We recognise that in business you’re on two distinct journeys. The first is from self-employment to being a Business Owner. The second involves stepping back from day-to-day operations to become the heartbeat of marketing and innovation.


Our How

We do this through our network of Business Owner Advocates. Our dedicated coaches support, develop and empower Business Owners to create value, build leverage and succeed commercially.

Create Value – lay the foundations for your business success. Marketing is about creating human connections, finding common ground, and telling your story in a way that resonates with your clients and customers.

If you can authentically share your story while providing quality services and
products, your customers will reward you with more than repeat business; they’ll become your greatest advocates, exponentially increasing your reach and influence.

Build Leverage – learn how to make your business work for you. We journey with Business Owners as they transition from working in their business to working on it.

Succeed Commercially – create sustainable growth in your business for your best life. If you’re not investing in yourself and then in your team, you’re not going to flourish in the long term.

Business Owners carry the story and DNA of their business so it’s important that they regularly invest in themselves. We help you develop a journey mindset, looking at your business from a Business Owner perspective and planning accordingly.

This is the Rest & Rhythm Journey.

Rest & Rhythm is dedicated to helping business owners get the most out of business and life.

Do you find yourself reacting rather than responding to the world around you? Do you feel overwhelmed by the pressures of business and paralysed in decision-making?

We don’t make good decisions when we’re stressed and anxious.

If your inner world is dictated by what’s going on around you, you’ll react rather than respond, and your decision-making will be compromised.

You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.”—Peter Drucker

We’re walking with business owners who want to do life and business differently. We believe sustainable business growth is achieved by finding life balance and living from rest and rhythm.

Rest isn’t a destination. It’s a way of journeying through life, and developing a rhythm of rest makes travelling easier.

About Andee…

Andee is a trusted business advisor and qualified accountant specialising in the personal and business development of start-ups and growth businesses. He understands and interprets the story of the numbers in businesses, bringing solutions that effectively ensure all aspects of companies are moving in the same direction.


Andee began his career with BTR Nylex, holding positions from Group Finance Manager to Chief Executive of BTR Laminates Group, a global division of BTR Plc, in Melbourne. Andee moved to Bonlac Foods Limited as General Manager, Ingredients Division. His achievements include leading the strategic and profitable refocusing of the A$700 million Bonlac dairy ingredients business and overseeing the rebuilding of a A$1 billion global manufacturing and marketing business.

More recently, Andee has specialised in assisting start-ups. As the Commercial CFO for Typsy, an online training provider for the hospitality industry, he helped navigate the move to the digital economy. He also held the position of Commercial Manager for a not-for-profit, leading the sales team as they moved to a modern salesforce CRM.

After years of working in the corporate sector and experiencing the highs, lows, stresses, and strains, Andee went on a personal journey of discovering how rest and rhythm revolutionise every aspect of life. As a result, he transformed his personal and business atmosphere by cultivating and living from his unique rest and rhythm.

He developed Rest and Rhythm Coaching in response to clients’ frustrations. Time and again, he heard the same thing from business owners; what was meant to sustain and prosper their families was keeping them apart. The Financial Fence® was the first instrument Andee developed to help business owners take control of their personal and business finances. He wrote ‘Where’s the Money Gone?’ as a resource to accompany the Financial Fence® , helping many small business owners gain financial freedom. As helpful as this tool was, Andee found that most business owners were looking for help with their marketing, looking to increase future sales. The Financial Fence® looked primarily at where they had been rather than where they were going. Business is a combination of time, money, marketing, and people and business owners want to look forward, not backward. They want to know about sales, people, and marketing. Andee’s passion for helping people and the ability to tell the story of the numbers have come together in Rest and Rhythm. Via his partner company, Five Springs International, he’s designed and created a unique suite of instruments designed to set people up for success in business and life. The Development Compass®, The Marketing Telescope®, and The Productivity Star® were born as a way to help business owners take back control and create the life they want for themselves and their families.

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