Business Owner Coaching

Tailored coaching that supports your whole life, not just your business.

You’re a person with a business, not a business owner with a personal life.

We don’t subscribe to the idea that you can leave your personal life at home and give your all to work. 

“I often find myself batting for the children of business owners. The last thing you want is your kids growing up hating your business.” 
—Andee Sellman

 We we offer tailored Business Owner coaching that supports your whole life. Our business advisors will help set you up for sustained growth and give you the tools to create flexibility, freedom, and fulfilment. The first step is to get an accurate picture of the health of your business. Our suite of proprietary instruments will measure and monitor your business from the front to the back end. 


You’re at your most powerful when you’re peaceful. We will help you work on your business with tools to create flexibility, freedom, and fulfilment while setting you up for sustained growth. To get an accurate picture of the health of your business, you need to monitor and measure from the front to the back end. Rest & Rhythm has you covered with our suite of proprietary instruments.

Our suite of monitoring instruments include:


The Development Compass ®

Numbers tell the story of time, money, and how we steward our resources. The Development Compass tells you where you are now and gives you a way forward. Our monitoring instruments are objective and holistic, allowing you to set realistic and achievable personal and business development goals.

The Marketing Telescope ®

The Marketing Telescope incorporates the entire marketing funnel, combining it with the rigour of pipeline analysis to help determine the likely revenue outcome before you commit funds.

The Productivity Star ®

The Productivity Star is all about added value, bringing together cost and revenue, and emphasising revenue creation. We believe productivity is a measure of what you produce, not how well you produce it.


LCP Leadership Accelerator ®

Develop your capacity to lead in all areas of your life through a guided journey that will harness your strengths and align your personal and business goals.

The Financial Fence®

The Financial Fence is an intuitive dashboard that assembles your financials on one page. Our proven method tells a story using our proprietary indicators, empowering you to read and understand your company’s financial position effectively.

Coaching Packages

We have coaching packages tailored to set you up for success in life and business. 

Discover the Rest & Rhythm difference with effective and sustainable outcomes.