Time Management Versus Time Allocation

Do you manage or allocate time in your business? Read our latest blog to discover the difference and why time allocation is the gateway to a value-driven life.

The Three Drivers of Commercial Success

How many times have you heard; cashflow is King? Money in the bank is regarded as the lifeblood of a business and long thought of as an indicator of commercial success. Yes, without cash flow, it’s impossible to remain in business, but without a thorough understanding of all the numbers, you can’t determine whether it […]

Are You A Solopreneur?

Are you a solopreneur, entrepreneur, self-employed, or small business owner? The list is getting longer every day. But what’s the difference, where do you fit, and does it really matter?   “A solopreneur is a one-person show. They’re both the founder and creator, and the sole person responsible for delivery of products and services. Solopreneurs […]

The Business Owner Challenge

Welcome to business ownership. It all starts with a great idea. You do the market research and discover you’re onto something. Maybe you begin with a side hustle, but at some point, you quit your day job and launch. Congratulations, you own your own business. Now what? Well, it turns out you’re not alone. In […]

Why your business is a journey, not a destination

If you’re a small business owner, you’re on a journey. It’s easy to mistake the current iteration for the destination, but the reality is that business is a journey of discovery. The most successful companies recognise that where they begin is not where they’ll end up. If you treat your business as the end goal […]

Why you need to tell your story

The business landscape has transformed. What worked BC (before COVID) doesn’t work anymore, and business owners need to make sense of a new hybrid normal.

Why You Need Courage in Business

To put it bluntly, you won’t succeed in business success without courage. You must be willing to put yourself, your time, and your finances on the line for a dream.

How to Connect in the New Era of Business

We’ve entered a new era in business. COVID-19 was the crisis we didn’t know we needed as millions worldwide shifted to working remotely. The deep dive into the unknown jolted us out of our collective complacency, reminding us that life is precious, and nothing is guaranteed. Families, long disconnected by work, school, and extracurricular activities, […]