The Marketing Telescope

Taking you from brand awareness to final sale.

“Marketing is not a function, it is the whole business seen from the customer’s point of view.”
— Peter Drucker

Marketing is where your business meets your customers.

The Marketing Telescope® is a powerful monitoring instrument that takes you from brand awareness to final sale.

When it comes to marketing, costs come before revenue creation, leading to sleepless nights and more questions than answers.

The Marketing Telescope® encompasses the entire marketing funnel, combining it with the rigour of pipeline analysis to help you determine the likely revenue outcome before committing funds.


Core Indicators

Customer Vitality Indicators


Customer Concentration Indicators

What you get

Effective marketing requires an integrated marketing and sales management approach, giving you the ability to track likely returns and peace of mind in the process.

Our coaching for The Marketing Telescope® integrates with The Development Compass® and your monthly monitoring to put you in the driver’s seat. Looking forward, you can use the telescope to evaluate prospective campaigns as part of the development process.

Coaching packages including The Marketing Telescope®



Set your foundations for sustained growth


Develop leadership capacity for business and life



Implement tailored strategies for sustainable business growth

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