The Productivity Star

Effectively measure your business productivity.

What matters most in your business?

Every business needs a guiding star. We believe your guiding star should focus on the essential aspects of your business— time, money, and people.

Productivity is a measure of what you produce, not how well you produce it.

The Productivity Star® is a set of seven indicators around the productivity of your people. Unlike many productivity metric tools, we tie productivity to revenue instead of cost. We want you to focus on revenue because our fundamental belief is that you’ll have no productivity if you have no revenue.

The Productivity Star is a significant point of difference from other monitoring systems that focus on the cost of productivity. While cost is a crucial factor, it misses the bigger picture.

It’s all about added value. The Productivity Star® brings together cost and revenue, with an emphasis on revenue creation.


The Indicators include

With the Productivity Star® in your arsenal, you have a direct measure of the added value of your products and services from both a cost and revenue creation perspective. 

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