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The Three Drivers of Commercial Success

How many times have you heard; cashflow is King? Money in the bank is regarded as the lifeblood of a business and long thought of as an indicator of commercial success. Yes, without cash flow, it’s impossible to remain in business, but without a thorough understanding of all the numbers,

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Are You A Solopreneur?

Are you a solopreneur, entrepreneur, self-employed, or small business owner? The list is getting longer every day. But what’s the difference, where do you fit, and does it really matter?   “A solopreneur is a one-person show. They’re both the founder and creator, and the sole person responsible for delivery

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The Business Owner Challenge

Welcome to business ownership. It all starts with a great idea. You do the market research and discover you’re onto something. Maybe you begin with a side hustle, but at some point, you quit your day job and launch. Congratulations, you own your own business. Now what? Well, it turns

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Why your business is a journey, not a destination

If you’re a small business owner, you’re on a journey. It’s easy to mistake the current iteration for the destination, but the reality is that business is a journey of discovery. The most successful companies recognise that where they begin is not where they’ll end up. If you treat your

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