Why your business is a journey, not a destination

If you’re a small business owner, you’re on a journey. It’s easy to mistake the current iteration for the destination, but the reality is that business is a journey of discovery. The most successful companies recognise that where they begin is not where they’ll end up.

If you treat your business as the end goal rather than the vehicle in which to travel, you’ll fight to maintain the status quo instead of taking risks and embracing challenges. And when people are risk averse, they become stagnant and static in their approach to innovation, risking irrelevancy in the medium to long term.


Journeys need rest and rhythm

Developing rest and rhythm for your life makes sense if you understand you’re on a journey. However, if you believe you’ve arrived at your destination, you won’t create a rhythm for work and life that includes rest.

"Developing rest and rhythm helps create sustainable growth for your business and balance in life. Without them, it's hard to make good decisions about anything."

Discovering and living from your unique rest and rhythm will transform your atmosphere, bringing life balance and enabling you to create sustainable growth for your business.

"If you look really closely, most overnight successes took a long time."

The journey mindset

If you’ve reached your endpoint, there’s no need for companions, but if you adopt a journey mindset, you’ll want to find people with whom you can connect and collaborate. There are multiple benefits from collaboration, not least of which is that it can help you avoid getting tunnel vision. Instead, you’ll always look for ways to innovate, improve, diversify, and add value for your community, with your community.

Adding value

This brings us to another truth, that added value diminishes over time. No business can afford to rest on the success of the past – and why would you want to? Where’s the fun in that?

It’s why we need others, fellow travellers. And it’s not just about employing the right people; it’s about the other businesses with whom you can collaborate. There are many versions of strategic partnerships, such as supply chain, integration, and technology partnerships. A couple of the more famous ones include Nike and Apple or, more recently, Uber teaming up with Spotify.

Enjoy the Journey

In the end, the more you enjoy the journey, the more others will want to travel with you. When you recognise that your business is an adventure, every day is an opportunity to discover, learn, connect, and innovate.

"Launching a business is essentially an adventure in problem-solving."

Happy travels!

Andee Sellman

Andee Sellman is the Founder of Rest & Rhythm and is dedicated to helping people discover their unique rest and rhythm personally and professionally.

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